Improve the Air Quality in your home or office

We hear a lot about pollution and poor air quality in the metro areas of Georgia – especially Atlanta and Marietta. What you don’t hear is that pollution and air quality inside your home can be just as critical. If you or a member of your family suffers from asthma or other breathing difficulties, the cause may be as much due to poor air quality inside your home as outside.

In 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency noted that “indoor air pollution is now our nation’s number one environmental health concern.”

air-quality-photoHomes today are much more airtight and energy efficient than ever before. As a result, these homes have air — and the chemicals and toxins — trapped inside. Today you may be breathing — and re-breathing — harmful chemicals found in ordinary items such as paint, pressed board furniture, glue, cosmetics cleaners, solvents and cigarette smoke. One of the most dangerous is formaldehyde, found in fiberboard, particleboard, drapes, foam insulation and carpeting.

Mold and bacteria can grow anywhere. And no home is dust-free. Have you ever noticed the particles floating in the air when the sun comes through your window? Did you know that most of that is dead, decomposing skin? And the scary creature to the right feeds on that decomposing skin. That’s a dust mite, and millions of them can live and thrive in your home.

There are Three Major Types of Indoor Air Pollution:

  • Particulates – A general term to describe the mixture of solid particles in liquid droplets found in the air. Less than 1% of the particulate matter is visible to the naked eye. Common examples of these contaminants are pollen, ash, dirt, and some dust. Over 98% of particulate matter is less than one micron in size and cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is of great concern because particulates that small can easily infiltrate your lungs. Examples include smoke, fumes, viruses, mold spores, and bacteria.
  • Microbes – Major categories of microbes include bacteria, protozoa, and fungi/mold. Some molds produce chemicals such as volatile organic compounds and mycotoxins.
  • Gases and Odors – Indoor gases like formaldehyde, chloroform, benzene, and hydrogen sulfide are released from carpets, furniture, cabinets, cleaning chemicals, insect sprays, and hair sprays.

How can you improve the air quality in your home or office?

First, contact Fiber Care of Atlanta for complete cleaning of the carpeting and upholstery in your Atlanta GA, Marietta GA area home or business. Second, discuss with our carpet cleaning technician how a specialized air cleaning system in your home can remove most of these pollutants that may be making you sick.

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